• Apuseni National Park

    Apuseni National Park protects one of the most interesting cave fauna in the country. Traces of the prehistoric man were found in several of the caves.

  • Hasmas National Park

    Inside Hasmas National Park can be found Bicaz Gorge. "Cheile Bicazului" are famous for their 1000 ft. limestone rocks towering over narrow roads and passes. The road that slices through the gorge is most stunning and spectacular.

  • Calimani National Park

    Mountain with volcanic origins, Calimani features the biggest inactive caldera in Europe (about 6 miles in diameter). The Calimani Mountains features the highest massif in the Romanian volcanic chain, the Pietrosu Peak.

  • Ceahlau National Park

    Surrounded by watercourses and dam lakes, Ceahlau Mountain displays an incredible concentration of flora and wildlife. Some of the most exciting Romanian legends refer to the strange stone shapes spread around the peaks.

  • Piatra Craiului National Park

    Features the longest and highest limestone ridge in the country. The entire Piatra Craiului National Park is located in the Meridional Carpathians, and it also includes parts of the neighboring mountain passes Rucar-Bran and Rucar-Zarnesti. The Piatra Craiului National Park stretches over the counties of Brasov and Arges.

  • Retezat National Park

    Retazat is the oldest Romanian national park, it was established in 1935 and has the highest number of mountain peaks over 2,000m in Romania (over 20). Over one third of the Romanian flora can be found in the Retezat Mountains; also, the largest glacial lake in Romania can be found here: Bucura.