• Mamaia

    Mamaia beach is arranged properly and can receive tourists from mid May to late September, when average temperatures usually exceed 25 degrees Celsius; the water is warm until late autumn. The beach is very safe for children or for those who can not swim.

  • Sinaia

    Well known resort for treatment and winter sports, Sinaia offers guests a pleasant atmosphere. Winters are mild due to the relief of the mountain range. The average temperature in January is - 3.5C, an average annual temperature is 6C. Snow falls from late September to late March with an average thickness of 50 cm. Winter sports enthusiasts have at their disposal: ski runs of varying degrees of difficulty, bobsled track, sledding slopes, ski school for children, centres for equipment rental, cable car.

  • Poiana Brasov

    Poiana Brasov is the most famous winter sports resort in Romania and also an important international tourist center. It has 12 ski runs, with varying degrees of difficulty, sports fields, a lake, bars and restaurants. The resort is suitable for active recreation (sport and leisure), with therapeutic effects on central nervous system with positive influences on all vital functions.

  • Baile Felix

    Baile Felix is visited by tourists interested in natural spring water pools, modern hostel, hotels with high class services and not least local restaurants with excellent services. All these services are available both summer and winter season.